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What could your small business clients
be doing by this time tomorrow?

With fast application and approvals possible in just 24 hours with Prospa, this time tomorrow you could help your small business client with the business funds they need for growth or working capital.

Kiwi small business owners can apply for up to $500K with flexible funding solutions that work with their individual business cash flow needs. No asset security required up front to access funding up to $150K. Plus they can take up to the first 4 weeks with no repayments (loan term will be extended and interest will accrue from the settlement date to the end of the term). See T&Cs.

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Prospa Small Business Loan

A lump sum of $5K$100K over terms to 24 months to cover unexpected expenses or a one-off purchase. Fast decision and funding possible in 24 hours. Set repayments with an early repayment discount available. No upfront asset security required to access Prospa funding up to $150K.

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Flexible early payout benefits

Your clients have the option to save on interest by paying out their loan early if they choose to do so.

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Prospa Plus Business Loan

Larger loans of $100K$500K to invest in a business growth opportunity or one-off expense. Express path with minimal documentation to $250K. Pre-approval without credit check available for loans of $250K or greater.^ Direct access to credit team for a truly premium experience.

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Flexible, personal approach

We are looking to say ‘yes’ more to eligible businesses by going the extra mile to get to know them and their business.

Our flexible business loans can support
your business clients in ways like this!

prospa customer stories

Flexibility: The opportunity to be creative

Coming up roses

Beautifully crafted floral arrangements deserve to have a stunning brand. So when Kerry Murphy decided to rebrand her newly acquired florist space and capture the attention of passers-by, funds from Prospa were heavenly scent!
“When you go for a loan with a bank, so much more is required. With Prospa it was just your basic information that could be done all online.” Kerri, Twisted Willow

prospa customer stories

Flexibility: The confidence to move on opportunities

New machinery = New markets

Faced with a fantastic opportunity to invest in new printing machinery at a reduced price, this Christchurch label printer needed funds quickly. With the help of a Prospa loan, the new machine meant reduced production times and inroads into new markets – a smart move during COVID.
“The window of opportunity was very small, and the speed of being able to set things up with Prospa really set them apart.” Phil, LabelMAN

prospa customer stories

Flexibility: Fast access to funds

Opportunities un-covered

Fantastic attention to detail and great customer service were part of the magic, but fast access to funding helped this furniture repair business hit new levels of growth (and then weather the storm of 2020). The result was a 40% year-on-year growth – and the ambition continues.
“We needed quick access to finance, and with Prospa everything was completed in 48 hours. It’s about saving time, efficiency, great service – that’s what small businesses need.” John, Sofa Doctor

prospa customer stories

Flexibility: A personalised approach

A cat-alyst for growth

Armed with a passion to increase her range and variety of products, the owner of this natural animal health centre needed funds to move forward. Thanks to a Prospa small business loan, she’s been able to achieve her business goals without having to make any compromises or trade-offs.
“Prospa came along and I genuinely felt they were really interested in our business and helping us out. They really wanted to listen to my story.”
Sandy, Animal Natural Health Centre

How you can support small business clients with the funding they need

While traditional lenders provide viable lending options for some businesses, more and more are seeking new ways of borrowing – from a lender who believes in them. They want a more flexible approach and solutions tailored to their evolving needs. We gained insights by surveying Kiwi SMEs.^

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Why SMEs need funding in 2021

Confidence is increasing and businesses are starting to invest in growth. Yet only 14% plan to take out finance. This is an opportunity.

32% plan to invest in new products and services in the next 6-12 months

13% plan to hire more staff in the next 6-12 months

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Why they seek new ways to borrow

Small businesses are finding it harder to access funding from traditional lenders especially the 70% who have traded for less than 5 years.

  • The process takes too long with too much red tape
  • They can’t and/or don’t want to provide asset security upfront
  • The products are not suited to their small business
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Why competition is key right now

Around 90,000 Kiwi small business owners tried to access funding with the below results. There is a huge opportunity to support your clients.

55% missed opportunities to grow because they lacked timely access to funding

69% have used personal finances to support their business

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Why SMEs should separate personal and business debt

  1. Their home, or other investments, aren’t tied up in order to access funds
  2. The business is in a stronger position to build its own, clear credit history
  3. It is significantly more straightforward at tax time
  4. Businesses can easily view, monitor and plan with a clear view of their cash flow position

^ Source: NZ Small Business Study – YouGov ®, 11 January 2021

Five key questions to ask your self-employed customers

  1. What are your business plans for the next 3/6/12 months?
  2. How are your currently funding your business?
  3. What are the challenges you see with those options?
  4. Have you ever said no to a business opportunity because you did not have the funds?
  5. Are you aware there are specialist business funding options available to you that I can support you with?

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No repayment period available to approved customers who settle a new or refinanced Prospa Small Business Loan or Prospa Plus Business Loan. Approved customers can elect to take an optional initial no repayment period of between 1 to 4 weeks from the loan settlement date, during which interest will accrue but no repayments will be required. Total loan repayment term will be extended by the time equal to the selected no repayment period (1 to 4 weeks) and interest will accrue from the loan settlement date until the end of the term. Interest that accrues on the loan during the no repayment period is capitalised and included in the total interest expense and forms part of the regular fixed daily or weekly repayments due on each payment date following the end of the no repayment period. Not available to refinance an existing Prospa loan if the existing loan is currently within a no repayment period at the time of application. Product settings may be amended or withdrawn without notice.