Secured Business Loans

Prospa provides business loans of up to $500,000 to help your business to grow and expand. Funds can be used for any business purpose, and no asset security is required upfront to access up to$150,000 – for greater amounts, contact our loan specialist team to discuss secured business loan options.

Our client-focused business loans are designed to invest in your company’s growth potential. We offer tailored repayments which are cash flow friendly and put your business health first.

  • Fast and easy access to your approved funds
  • No obligations – it’s free and easy to apply
  • Customer focused and dedicated support

Unlike the big lenders, secured business loans from Prospa are designed to keep your business in front. When you prosper, so do we. We have maintained a 4.9/5 TrustScore with our customers by keeping things simple and putting our clients first.

A business loan or secured business loans from Prospa could help you to achieve those important business milestones that your company needs to reach to achieve the next level.

Our products can help you to invest in the latest technology. Is your business ready for the next step? Are you looking to upgrade your company’s assets and move into the next technological age? Invest in new capital with Prospa.

Are you looking for new work vehicles or machinery? What sort of business do you have? Are you ready to move into new markets and expand your opportunities? Invest in the latest labour-saving technology and build your business to its fullest potential with Prospa.

Start your application online today or if you would prefer to speak someone call us and chat with our team of lending experts available to answer your questions.