This time tomorrow, I’ll be …

Launching more online workshops

This time tomorrow NZ 1 Leigh Olsen, Director, Tradie HR

I’m increasing my offerings in online workshops and facilitation spaces for employees and managers, with topics like ‘what you can and can’t say to your employees’ and ‘your lessons from COVID-19’. It’s really important for businesses to keep communicating with their people and provide opportunities for training and growth.

I listened to what my clients were looking for and redesigned our workshop content for an online audience. The new program is already proving to have some real benefits in terms of flexibility and attendance, and helps provide a sense of connection in a time of such uncertainty.

Hosting a podcast

This time tomorrow NZ 2 Jen Jones, Project Consultant, Nine Yards Consulting

Across 2021 I set myself the goal of producing a quarterly asset, something that would create passive income longer term, and to use in sales funnels and marketing while helping to build brand awareness. These assets included ebooks, workshops, a summit, an e-course and a coaching program – all for rookie renovators.

Next on the list is a podcast. This will allow me to build on existing relationships with industry suppliers and professionals in interview episodes, along with sharing top tips and advice in solo episodes. Adding a podcast will enable me to tap into both new audiences and a community of followers who already know and like my interview and teaching style.

With only a few weeks of my second pregnancy to go, what’s drawn me to the podcast idea most is the flexibility to record episodes anywhere, anytime and in any outfit (even my PJs!) which suits newborn life to a tee.

Automating our processes and systems

This time tomorrow NZ 3 Lauren LuLu Taylor and Clare Gallagher, co-founders, Secret Kiwi Kitchen

We are working hard to build a modern brand and that means taking advantage of the best technology. We are revamping our systems so we can offer the best customer experience and our partners can trust in our ability to deliver.

We are implementing process automation across the whole stack and building an integrated and streamlined approach to order management, warehouse management, customer service and marketing. And because our customers are active in social media, we are creating rule-based engagement flows that integrate social media, email marketing, messaging and digital advertising.

Expanding into Australia

This time tomorrow NZ 4 Frank Witowski, founder, Hybrid Bikes

We will be focused on expanding the business further. That means more bike dealers across New Zealand and getting into the Australian market. We’ve started in Perth and it’s time to go further.

We always have 1200 to 1500 bikes on pre-order in our factory so we will be looking to increase the number of bikes we have in production to more than 2000 in 2022.

It’s a significant investment and I look at everything at least three times before making a decision to move forward. That’s especially important when you’re going into a period of growth. Check it once, check it again then check it one more time!

And, as always, my philosophy is to do things differently and I’ll be sticking to that as we head into 2022. It’s what keeps our business unique.

Stocked in retail stores

This time tomorrow NZ 5 Camilla Weinstein and Charlotte Downes, co-founders, Straw the Line

We are driven to get our 100% biodegradable Edible Raw Straws in as many hands as possible – the more people slurping the better! After growing our presence in hospitality and with Christmas coming up we’re focused on building our presence in retail.

We’re investing in our marketing and social media presence to target retail and gift box businesses looking for that little extra splash of colour to their existing product lines. We’re knocking on doors, contacting retail businesses directly and ramping up social media to get buy-in to our vision to save the planet one slurp at a time. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be slurping in style this Christmas?