6 times you might need a small business loan

6 times you might need a small business loan | Prospa New Zealand

Running a small business comes with many ups and downs, as well as many occasions that may require a bit more cash than you have at your fingertips.

Here are six scenarios where a small business loan may be just what you need to keep your small business moving.

1. You need more space

If your employees are using the table in the kitchen as a workstation, or your office is now doubling up as a stock room, you could probably do with a little more space. But just because you’re ready for expansion doesn’t mean you necessarily have the cash on hand to make it happen. Whether the answer is a refit, full-on renovation or even a move to new business premises, a small business loan could provide quick funds to expand the operation.

Remember to calculate the financial benefit when deciding whether to go ahead or not. For example, will the renovation or refit enable you to sell more stock or take on more clients? Or will it just make room for Molly the office dog’s bed? Speak to your financial advisor who can help you crunch the numbers.

2. You need more stock

Buying products that will enable you to provide a service and improve your offering is a crucial part of doing business. Every business needs an up-to-date inventory, and if you’re a seasonal business, you’ll want all your stock in place before peak sales periods. If your turnover is dependent on the stock you’re carrying, but you don’t have the capital to invest, then a small business loan could be worth considering to bridge the gap.

3. Opportunity knocks

Many opportunities emerge for small businesses, and knowing which ones to chase, and which ones to pass by, is a skill in itself. If you have completed your due diligence and believe an opportunity is worth grabbing, but you don’t have the cash flow on-hand to do so, a small business loan could be the answer. It provides a simple cash lump sum that puts business owners in control of how they respond to opportunities.

4. You need to recruit to grow

Small business owners often wear many hats, but sooner or later juggling your supply channel, bookkeeping, marketing, customer service and tea-making all by yourself can take its toll. Ultimately, if you’re going to grow your business, you will need time to give the operation the attention it deserves. Employing staff can free you up to do just that. If there’s a clear connection between the hiring decision and an increase in revenue, then a small business loan could make good business sense.

5. Your premises need a makeover

First impressions count a lot in business, and if you’re a cafe with shabby furniture, you may be losing customers based purely on your interiors. Alternatively, if you’re an office-based operation, your poor ergonomic set up may be negatively affecting your employees’ productivity and/or your ability to attract star candidates. A small business loan could help give your small business the face-lift it needs.

6. You need more customers

Build it and they will come? Not quite. You could have the best product and service in the world, but if no one knows about it, you’ll not sell a bean. An investment in marketing is critical to attract customers. A small business loan could help you fund a promotion or marketing campaign to acquire new customers.

If your business needs funds for opportunity, growth or cash flow support, get in touch with one of our small business lending specialists on 0800 005 797 to discuss your options, or find out more.

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