Customer success story: Bodyworkz


When a sudden increase in enquiries led to rapid growth, Susy Egneus of Bodyworkz sought out a Prospa Small Business Loan to hire more staff and service the growing needs of customers across New Zealand.

Helping create stress-free workplaces

Wellness in the workplace has become a key focus of businesses across the world. For most, the focus has been on increasing the wellness of their employees in order to keep them physically and mentally fit and healthy – and therefore more productive.

Bodyworkz, however, was formed in 2010 to offer workplaces a simple and easy way of improving their employees’ wellbeing – through on-site chair massage.

Initially offering the service to corporates in Auckland, Susy Egneus’s two-person business soon took off. Word of mouth referrals kept coming in, and the business grew into a network of fully trained massage therapists all over New Zealand.

Managing unexpected growth

In 2018, Bodyworkz saw interest in its services spike like never before, and the business needed to grow.

“Last year, we had a growth spurt in the business, and we had to change a lot of the things that we did, and we needed some help with cash flow,” Susy says. “We went to a lot of traditional lenders, but no one was particularly interested in giving us finance.”

Despite a solid business history and a long-term growth strategy backed up by the large number of enquiries, Susy wasn’t sure who to turn to in order to get the financial backing she needed. That was until she was referred to Prospa.

“One lender actually suggested that we contact Prospa.”

The application process: Quick and easy

After back and forth with traditional lenders who weren’t able to help, Susy was amazed at how simple and rewarding it was to deal with an alternative lender like Prospa.

“I was surprised how easy it was; how quick it was,” she says. “I didn’t have to wait. They were able to check me out and my funding was approved within hours.”

Because of the speed with which Susy received her small business loan, Bodyworkz was able to get started on hiring more massage therapists and reach out into the wider community.

“The finance that Prospa provided helped us take on more staff so we could manage the growth, take on more therapists and spread our brand a bit wider around New Zealand.”

Today, Bodyworkz has onsite massage teams in Auckland, Hamilton, Taurange, Wellington and Christchurch, while they have also done work in Dunedin, Timaru and Palmerston North.

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Bodyworkz’s advice for other small business owners

When asked whether she would recommend other business owners turn to Prospa when they need quick funding to take advantage of unexpected growth, Susy answered with a resounding yes.

“They adapted to my business and listened to my business – what our needs were. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Prospa to any business owner out there that needs help with business growth.”

A Prospa Small Business Loan has helped Bodyworkz:

  • Grow its large roster of experienced massage therapists.
  • Manage cash flow during a period of rapid growth.
  • Spread its brand across the wider corporate network in New Zealand.

Whether it’s growing your business, funding an opportunity or covering cash flow, find out how a Prospa Small Business Loan can help with your next move.

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