In an industry that is often awash with throwaway products and plastic waste, Ecosource offers a sustainable alternative to its competitors. From notebooks made from organic elephant matter to drink bottles made from wheat, Ecosource’s offerings deliver unique, clever, and practical gifts that celebrate innovation, all the while being committed to making a positive impact on the planet.

When passion meets purpose

Bonita’s entrance to entrepreneurism is not your traditional story, although, like many founders’ origin tales, it has purpose at its heart. Raised in an environment where compassion and responsibility were not just values but a way of life, Bonita was no stranger to the concept of giving back.
Motherhood intensified Bonita’s commitment to making a difference. The pivotal moment for Bonita occurred during a family outing to their local beach, when she observed her young boys instinctively picking up plastic.

Her youngest was moved by turtles affected by ocean plastic, making it his mission to collect discarded plastic. Similarly, her eldest demonstrated his concern by rescuing birds stuck in plastic waste.

These moments of youthful compassion prompted Bonita to recognise the need for urgent environmental action and the role of adults in setting an example for the younger generations, “I knew that we needed to do more than what we are doing right now. As a mother and a business owner, I realised that I had to lead by example for my boys,” she explains.

Motivated by her children’s love for the planet and a decade of experience in the promotional industry, Bonita founded Ecosource.

“We saw a gap in the market,” she explains. “There isn’t another company in Oceania that exclusively prioritizes sustainable products within our sector. This realization fuelled our belief that we were onto something special. Let’s establish a company dedicated solely to driving positive change” she remembers.

With a rough plan in place, Bonita decided to leverage her existing contacts to establish a new business focusing on eco-conscious, ethically sourced products. And so, Ecosource was born. The business began with 200 sustainable products and now offers over 2,000 eco-friendly alternatives.

Prospa: A Catalyst for Growth

As Ecosource embarked on its mission to make the planet greener, one significant challenge arose: securing funding to facilitate the business’s growth. Here, non-bank lender Prospa played a pivotal role.

Discovered through a Google search, Prospa offered a streamlined and efficient online application process that stood out as a game-changer for Bonita.

“It was so simple and quick to fill it in, and it was a surprise to get a response in two hours. It’s just unreal how quick and easy it was,” Bonita declares.

The financial support from Prospa allowed Ecosource to secure exclusive agreements with international brands and facilitated the business in securing products to showcase to prospective clients.

“Prospa didn’t just provide funds; they became partners in our green journey” Bonita notes.

She further emphasises the transformative impact of Prospa’s support, stating, “Their approach aligns with our values, and their quick and accessible financing has been instrumental in turning our sustainability dreams into a reality.”

“Prospa didn’t just provide funds; they became partners in our green journey.” – Bonita Labuschagne

Making a difference with every product

Bonita has scoured the globe to secure the best sustainable options for her customers. Sometimes, the results of these searches are unconventional. From items made of 100% elephant and panda matter to innovative uses of coffee, tea and cotton waste, Ecosource consistently ventures into uncharted territories in sourcing the most sustainable products available.

And in a world where greenwashing abounds, transparency is at the heart of the business. Every product is tested and certified to ensure its credentials.

Yet it’s the company’s holistic approach to sustainability that makes it stand out. Take Ecosource’s affiliation with 1% for the Planet. The partnership underscores Ecosource’s continued commitment to a greener future and sees the company donating 1% of its sales revenue through this global network to various environmental causes.

“We have the freedom to allocate these funds to specific causes, such as tree planting initiatives, supporting programs like Take 3 in Australia, focusing on ocean plastic clean-up, and contributing to charities such as, For the Bees and Plastic Oceans,” Bonita explains.

Navigating change

As Ecosource continues to experience rapid growth, agility is crucial to continued success. Bonita says Prospa’s support has been vital, allowing the business to stay nimble and overcome financial hurdles.

“Prospa is our sustainability sidekick in the financial world, propelling our mission to make the planet a greener place through eco-conscious gifting,” Bonita declares. “Their support not only helped us grow but also ensures that our resellers get to share the eco-love, one sustainable gift at a time.”

Together, Ecosource and Prospa are sowing the seeds of a sustainable future, and Bonita couldn’t be happier.