Manage and pay bills easily with Bill Pay

Simplify your workflow, stay organised, and take charge of your bills 

How it works


Forward a bill via email


Log in to review and confirm bill details


Make payment or schedule for later

See all your invoices in one place

Take charge of your bills today

Shortern your to-do list with your bill management in one view.

Open a Business Line of Credit today.


Common questions answered

Bill pay is available for Prospa customers that have a Prospa Business Line of Credit. To access the feature, log in to Prospa Online on a browser and navigate to the Bills tab in the navigation.

Follow these steps to forward bills from your email to your Prospa account:

1. Navigate to the Bills page in Prospa Online
2. Click the Email bill button and copy your unique email address
3. Open your email account and forward the email with the bill/invoice attachment to your unique email address
4. Navigate back to the Bills page in Prospa, where a banner will appear indicating how many bills you have to confirm
5. Click Confirm bills and select the bill you wish to review
6. You’ll see our technology has automatically filled in some bill details for you; carefully review these details and edit any incorrect or empty fields before confirming, as these details will be used to make the payment
7. Choose if you want to confirm the bill and schedule payment, or confirm and schedule payment later
8. Your confirmed bill will be added to the Bills page

For the best experience, the bill/invoice that you submit should:

  • Be addressed to your company
  • Show all payment details like bank name, account holder name, account number, invoice number, and amount, or BPAY details

Once you’ve emailed a bill, it should take no longer than 5 minutes to appear in your Prospa account.

The email address you use to submit bills is unique and only known to you (unless you share it with others). Additionally, the mailbox receiving your bill emails has protection in place to detect and remove spam, malware and suspicious content.

Bills that have been scheduled for payment will appear in the Bills page of your Prospa account with the status Scheduled. If you wish to cancel a scheduled payment, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Bills page and click on the scheduled bill you wish to cancel
2. Select Cancel scheduled payment

Note that only bills with the Scheduled status can be cancelled. Paid or Pending bills cannot be cancelled.

When scheduling a bill payment, ensure you will have enough funds in the chosen account on the scheduled payment date to cover the bill amount. If you don’t have enough funds on the date the bill payment is made, your payment will fail.

To fix a failed bill payment, simply:

1. Navigate to the Bills page
2. Click on the failed bill, indicated by a Failed status
3. Click Pay now to pay the bill immediately or schedule a new payment

Please ensure the correct funds are available before retrying the payment, or select a different payment source.

Payment limits are consistent with the product daily limits. Please check the limits on your product terms.

No, foreign payments are currently not supported.

Bills will be available on the Prospa App in June 2024.