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NZ businesses can get up to $500K for business equipment

Don’t put plans on hold because you’re missing essential technology or equipment to take your business to the next level. Get your hands on key assets sooner by financing your next purchase with a small business loan from Prospa. With a Prospa Small Business Loan of up to $500,000, you can take full control of your assets from the start.

Unlike some traditional equipment finance options in New Zealand, with a Prospa Small Business Loan you can do so much more than just buy equipment. Our business loan may help you cover incidental costs such as installation, implementation and training – you could even use it to expand your workshop, do a fit out or upgrade furniture or storage without adversely affecting working capital.

Equipment financing can be easy with a Prospa Business Loan

No more compromising or missed opportunities with Prospa by your side. Access funds for growth and cash flow support in a fraction of the time and without all the fuss. It’s just what we do.

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Talk to a business lending specialist

Talk to a business lending specialist

Talk to a business lending specialist

Talk to a business lending specialist

Talk to a business lending specialist

A great new option for NZ businesses

Purchasing assets and upgrading technology are essential parts of the growth plans for any small business. But sifting through the equipment financing options can be confusing. Your choice will depend on a range of factors unique to your business.

When you talk to your adviser, be sure to mention the Prospa Small Business Loan. We are small business lending specialists dedicated to helping NZ small businesses with flexible finance for business equipment and much more.

Common uses of equipment finance:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Commercial equipment
  • Medical machines
  • Trucks, Trailers, Forklifts
  • Construction equipment
  • Electronics, IT, Security
  • Motor vehicles
  • Heavy equipment

Why you should consider an alternative lender

If you think obtaining equipment finance for your business will be time consuming – think again. When you’re financing equipment and other business assets, alternative lenders like Prospa provide an intuitive online application process, with minimal paperwork and a fast application process. Prospa offers loans to NZ small businesses of up to $500K with funding possible in 24 hours.

This article talks about the benefits of alternative lenders.


Frequently asked questions

Traditional equipment finance helps a business owner access important business equipment and technology without paying for it up front using working capital. The business gets the required funding from a bank or other lender and pays the amount off over a set repayment period. There are several ways of financing equipment including a Prospa Small Business Loan which is one way to get the benefits of the equipment without owning it outright.

There are various ways of equipment financing for business. These include the traditional equipment finance options such as hire purchase, an equipment finance lease or an equipment loan; or you could look at using a business loan. The choice you make depends on the needs and circumstances of your individual business – it’s a good idea to talk to your financial adviser or accountant before making a decision.

Hire purchase – The finance provider owns the equipment until the loan contract is paid out when ownership is transferred to the business.

Equipment finance lease – Similar to hire purchase but the business doesn’t own the equipment at the end of the contract, they negotiate a new leasing arrangement on the same equipment or upgrade to new equipment.

Equipment loan – A fixed interest loan secured by a mortgage over the asset. There may be some tax advantages with an equipment loan.

Business loan – This is also a fixed interest loan over a set term, but comes with more flexibility than traditional equipment finance. Because the loan is not necessarily secured against the asset, the funds can be used for a range of purposes including purchasing the asset. Apply now for a Prospa Small Business Loan of up to $500K – with funding possible in 24 hours.

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