Invoice Finance

Prospa’s alternative to invoice finance for NZ small business

If you’re looking for a reliable way to support a healthy cash flow, Prospa small business loans are a great alternative to invoice finance for businesses in New Zealand. Eliminate the constant nagging of unpaid invoices, talk to us about how our business finance options can help keep your business operating optimally by taking the strain off working capital.

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch… wherever you’re located, now you can forget invoice finance! Apply for a Prospa business loan of between $5,000 and $500,000 with terms from 3 to 36 months. We don’t ask for mountains of paperwork and there’s no asset security required to access up to $150,000. With the support and flexibility of a small business loan from Prospa, you can stop worrying about cash flow and concentrate on what’s important for the future of your business.


Borrow up to $500K with 10 minute application, fast decision and funding possible in 24 hours


Talk to real people. Business Lending Specialists who are focused on getting you what you need, sooner.


Thousands of small businesses
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Talk to a business lending specialist

Talk to a business lending specialist

Talk to a business lending specialist

Talk to a business lending specialist

Talk to a business lending specialist

Unpaid invoices causing stress?

With the support of a business loan from Prospa you can concentrate on finding and expanding new business opportunities in New Zealand and beyond, without worrying about working capital and your immediate cash flow. Whatever you have planned for your business, don’t let cash flow concerns stop you in your tracks. Take the next step and reach for your goals with business finance from Prospa – it’s a great alternative to invoice finance.

Don’t let poor cash flow slow you down:

  • Pay your suppliers on time
  • Keep up with tax commitments
  • Hire casual staff when required
  • Pay staff on time, every time
  • Take advantage of bulk purchasing
  • Don’t miss growth opportunities
  • Avoid late payment fees and charges
  • Much more


Invoice finance FAQs

Invoice finance is a business ‘tool’ (like invoice factoring and invoice discounting) that some New Zealand business owners rely on. It is a lending option that allows them to borrow against the money due from customers. Businesses use invoice finance so they can maintain working capital in order to pay employees, keep up with supplier payments, or just keep business moving – without needing to wait for their customers to pay their invoices in full.

While we don’t offer a specific invoice finance product, Prospa small business loans are a great way to support working capital and an attractive alternative to invoice finance. Unlike traditional lenders, our business loans are fast and easy to apply for online and funding is possible in 24 hours. We won’t slow you down with additional paperwork or lengthy decision times. What’s more, your business finance repayments are structured to fit with your business’s cash flow – either daily or weekly – so you can concentrate on running your business.

Almost all businesses in NZ have cash flow ups and downs throughout the year. If your cash flow is struggling, you need a way to boost working capital, quickly, to keep business moving. That’s where invoice finance comes in – offering a fast finance solution to cover cash flow. There are drawbacks (like the possibility of not receiving the full value of your invoices or businesses becoming overly reliant on invoice finance) but many believe the benefits outweigh these.

On the other hand, until recently businesses had avoided using business loans to support cash flow because traditional lenders would sometimes take weeks to process applications – and business cash flow is not always able to wait that long

Fortunately, Prospa small business loans offer a viable alternative to invoice finance as they can be turned around quickly – in fact, just as fast as, if not faster than, invoice finance. More and more New Zealand small businesses are discovering the benefits of online lenders like Prospa to support the ups and downs of cash flow.

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